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Sleep. How many of us can confidently raise our hands and say that we get enough of it every night?

We know sleep is important to our well-being, and yet we do a poor job of translating theory into practice.

We whittle away the hours working on projects, watching late-night entertainment, and talking to other people when we should be calling it a night. Some of us pull all-nighters just to get something done right before a deadline. You might even hear someone brag about how little they sleep.

There are more things to do now than ever before. More obligations, more choices, more opportunities. But with the ever-present constraint of 24 hours in a day, the first thing we cut is sleep. …

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The holidays are around the corner. For most of us, that means curling up in front of a TV.

According to a 2020 study in the UK, people watch 22.5 hours of TV per week on average. During the holiday season, that number jumps up to 25.75 hours of watching TV. Picture that: we spend three and a half more hours per week glued in front of the television during the holidays than any other time.

It shouldn’t be surprising that people watch more TV during the holidays. …

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How would you help someone who is struggling in school?

Imagine you meet a high school student. The person doesn’t seem particularly enthused about school or learning in general. They struggle with understanding concepts in their classes, and their friends also don’t care much for school.

The sad truth is that a student’s fate is set in stone as early as first grade.

In a research paper by Keith Stanovich, he found that students who perform well early on in school tend to perform well later on, while lower ranked students get worse as time goes on. …

Is ‘go big or go home’ always good advice?

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Entrepreneurship. The word itself sounds magical. It conjures up all sorts of wonderful images. You imagine yourself coming up with a brilliant idea, building a great product, and resting on your laurels for eternity. You can earn more income without putting in extra effort.

Employee. What does that word feel like to you? Words such as “bland”, “unimaginative”, and “restrictive” come to mind. You picture someone breathing down your neck, telling you what to do.

Not only does being an employee sound unappealing, but there’s a ceiling to your earning potential. As an employee, your salary is fixed. …

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What does it mean to reach your potential?

We all have different definitions. For some, reaching their potential involves getting recognition for their work. For others, it means creating a balanced life where both work and personal life are equally satisfying.

And then there are others who wish to create something so great, so useful, that it gets used widely. They feel satisfied knowing they’re making the world a better place.

The equation seems simple. Work smart, work hard, and you’ll get what you want. …

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photo credit: Glenn Carstens-Peters

Have you ever felt that you were just naturally good at something?

It didn’t matter whether you were a fresh beginner or a seasoned expert. You had practiced a skill, gotten the hang of it, and since then, kept doing things the same way. Maybe you were learning to swim, cook, or perform a task at work.

Then someone comes along and tries to help. They offer a suggestion, advice, or some insight. Being used to your way, you brush the person off.

But after awhile, you hit a roadblock. You start to realize that you don’t know everything. You try implementing the person’s advice. …

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Going viral can be a fluky process.

Once in awhile, you write a piece that seems so-so, which ends up popular with readers. But more often, you think an article is going to be a hit, only for it to be a dud. You pour hours of work into something you think is brilliant. And yet it goes by unnoticed and unappreciated.

All that wasted time and effort feels disappointing.

Why does it happen? How can something that seems promising end up going nowhere? Is there a way to keep that from happening?

Let’s dive in.

Why Articles Don’t Perform Well

Think of a system that runs on cogs, like an old-fashioned clock. …

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Imagine it’s the start of a car race.

All the cars are lined up, people are cheering, and engines are roaring. Everyone’s waiting for the race to begin. The tension is high.

Bang! goes the pistol. The cars speed off, leaving only a cloud of fumes that dissipates into the sky. The drivers feel the adrenaline through their veins as they accelerate.

They know exactly what to do. Hopefully, that’s the feeling you get when you write, too. You sit down, open up a document, and start typing away furiously.

Except that’s probably not what happens.

When charged with the task of putting words to paper, you struggle. Like a sputtering engine, you feel directionless. You can’t think of a single word, let alone an entire article. …

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There’s nothing worse than the dreaded blank page.

Clean and pristine it may be, but an empty document isn’t exactly what you’re aiming for. So how do you go from having no idea, no thoughts, no words, to a fully fleshed out article?

To do so requires some effort. But before we go into that, let’s first talk about the legendary sourdough bread in San Francisco.

Sourdough: A Gold Miner Necessity

In 1848, when James W. Marshall found gold in a sleepy area northeast of San Francisco, news of his good fortune spread quickly. People from all over the United States and abroad traveled to the San Francisco area hoping to strike it rich. …


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